What is Base Camp?

You might be new to Horizon or possibly a neighbor and have passed by and seen HCF Base Camp in Serra Mesa. Horizon Christian Fellowship has been in San Diego for over 41 years and for over 35 of those located in the Claremont area on a large school campus. Well, long story short, we lost our campus, had to close our schools, and find a new location for our church. Our first step was securing a spot for our Sunday morning services which we did— currently at the Four Points Sheraton off Aero Dr.

The second task was to find a location for our church offices and for some of our smaller midweek classes and groups. This is where Base Camp comes in. We don’t have a sign up that says,”Horizon Christian Fellowship,” because it’s not where our church services are held. To avoid confusion, we decided on the name “Base Camp” because of the function it serves. We look at it like a true Base Camp that hikers might head to for food and resources before they head back up the mountain.

HCF Base Camp

Base Camp is a place for the people of our church to come and receive prayer, counseling, discipleship, and other resources to get equipped and back out on the mountain. It’s also available to any in the community who need prayer, encouragement, or assistance in anyway.

Sunday Morning Services

10:00am @ Four Points Sheraton 
8110 Aero Dr.
San Diego, CA 92123
(additional parking available at National University parking structure off Aero Court)

Base Camp

Church offices 
3247 Mission Village Dr.
San Diego, CA 92123
(Check bulletin for classes and resources)