Life Journal

So often we can rely on the Pastor or small group leader to feed us and we become dependent upon that. While, yes, we should be fed from these sources, they should also cause us to crave and hunger for more.

God’s word is something we should be feeding on daily!

In January 2016, we introduced the Life Journal and are encouraging the church to continue through it. It’s a formatted reading plan for the year that will take you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice. Along, with the daily reading it has blank sheets for you to fill in what’s known as “SOAP.”


Writing down the scripture that spoke to you most out of that days assigned reading.


Writing down an observation of what the scripture is saying.


Writing down how the scripture applies to your life.


Writing down a short prayer asking God to use His word to work in your life.

It’s a very straightforward format, that really causes you to dig a little deeper and feed on the word of God. We hope the you will join us, as we seek to grow deeper in our love and relationship with God.


If you are interested in joining the study, Life Journals can be purchased directly from Life Journal’s website, or if you want to follow along in the plan digitally, the plan is available in the YouVersion Bible App.