Hallelujah For The Cross

Verse 1

I would be hopeless without Your goodness
I would be desp’rate without Your love
Slave to the darkness
If it wasn’t for the cross

Verse 2

You have won me with Your kindness
Chased me down when I was lost
Where would I be
If it wasn’t for the cross


(Oh) Hallelujah thank You Jesus
I was a pris’ner now I’m not
(Oh ’cause) With Your blood You bought my freedom
(Oh) Hallelujah for the cross (oh)

Verse 3

All my shame was met with mercy
Now Your mercy will be my song
And oh the glory
Oh the power of the cross


By Your stripes I’m healed
By Your death I live
The pow’r of sin overcome
It is finished (it is done)