June 25–29, 2018Out of the Fire! Kids Bible Camp 2018

9am-12pm (Mon-Fri)

Join us as we dispatch on an adventure with Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego in a Great Fire Fighting Mission!

Based on Daniel 3, your kids will learn that Jesus is worth standing up for! Each day kids will go on exciting missions discovering that they can serve God, that God is able to deliver, they can trust God, that Jesus is there with them and they can praise God! 

In this blazing Kids Bible Camp, your kids will rotate through the Code 3 Craft Room, the Water Tanker Game Station, the 10-06 Tactical Bible Room, and enjoy yummy snacks at the Code 7 Station. Days will start with a general assembly filled with fun worship and silly contests. To top off the day, we’ll end with the most exciting fire-proof play!

So put on your firefighting gear and join us!

Register (Ages 5–11)

General Registration: $35/child

Multiple Child: $30/child