Help Horizon maybe stay on our campus:

Many of you are aware that Horizon tried to purchase the campus we’ve been on for over the past 30+ years. Sadly, it didn’t happen and the property went to public bid. This June we have to move off the campus and have not been able to secure another property.

We have been seeking the Lord and trusting Him!

Many of us have been praying for God to either led us to a new location or perform a miracle by letting us stay on the campus that has been home for so many years. God has opened the door for us to reach out to the City Councilmember that is over the Clairemont area. 

If God leads you, please copy and paste the form email below and sign your name. Here is the email address to send the below email to:

Dear Councilman Cate,

I am emailing to express my desire to have Horizon Christian Fellowship and Horizon Christian Academy remain on their current campus. Horizon has been in the Clairemont community for over 30 years! As you are aware, Horizon tried to purchase the property from San Diego Unified. Sadly, the School District decided not to continue negotiations with Horizon and went to public bid and in-turn HI-Tech High ended up purchasing the property.

Horizon will have to vacate the property this coming June with no prospects of a future location at this time.

The campus has been Horizon’s home for so many years and we feel should continue to be!

As Councilman over the Clairemont area we are reaching out to express our hearts and concerns.

Thank you for your service and for your attention in this matter,

(Your name)