yandallChaz & Terrie Yandall

Serving the Lord in Bacolod City, Philippines

Chaz and Terrie Yandall have been missionaries in the Philippines since 1991. Terrie was a graduate of the Horizon School of Evangelism (class of 1991), and Chaz had been working as an assistant pastor in Horizon’s High School Ministry for four years when they answered the call to the mission field.

They ended up in Bacolod City. This was one of the cities visited by Pastor Mike MacIntosh and the 1990 Festival of Life. Chaz and Terrie established a children’s crisis center and began accepting children in need on a temporary basis. Years later it became evident that many of these “temporary” children had been abandoned. Therefore, they changed the focus of the ministry. They chose to stop accepting new children and to focus on raising the 20 Filipino children they had taken in, as well as their 6 biological children.

Many of their Filipino children were remedial in their development, due to malnutrition before joining the Yandall family. Providentially, the Yandalls were home-schoolers. Since special-needs children are not catered to in the local schools, this was the best way to meet their educational needs.

After the change in ministry focus, they began praying for a legal, permanent status for the children. Within a year, the adoption laws in the Philippines changed, allowing foreigners living within the country to pursue adoption. Since then they have legally completed the adoptions of five of the children. They are currently waiting for decisions in the cases involving the next two children. After this, only 13 more to go! (This is just the legal side of what was done spiritually long ago.)

As a licensed foster care family, they also are currently taking care of two infants who were near death. This is only temporary until adoptive families can be arranged for them.

In addition to the ministry to children, Chaz has a radio outreach on a secular FM station. For the past six years, Sinbad’s Galley has aired for three hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It’s a contemporary Christian music show that shares the Gospel through music and exhortations by Chaz (aka DJ Sinbad). In addition to this he hosts a two-hour Sunday night question and answer show on the same station called Deeper. Questions on any topic are dealt with from a Biblical perspective.

At the end of April 2006, the Yandalls started Horizon Bacolod. The church started meeting in a hair salon, then moved to a function room in a lodging house. They are currently looking at renting 3000+ square feet in a building located in the university district of the city. The vision of the church is: Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans 10:13-15), Teach the Word of God (Matthew 28:18-20), Reach the world in the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8).

As they continue to follow Christ, God always seems to bring up additional opportunities to represent Him and serve others. The Yandalls ask that you would pray for them and all the ministry opportunities that God lays before them.


Horizon Christian Fellowship
5331 Mt. Alifan Dr.
San Diego, CA 92111


Horizon Christian Fellowship
5331 Mt. Alifan Dr.
San Diego, CA 92111
(Make checks payable to Horizon Christian Fellowship
with Chaz Yandall in the memo)

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