I prayed for this

Prayed for 8 times.


Please pray for my daughter who is a drug addict on Subutex and for her unborn child, my first grandchild, due on March 12, 2019. Please pray for strength to make the right decision to enter a treatment program for expecting mothers. Pray for my own addiction, I am addicted to enabling her. I asked her to leave our home this past week because she has told myself and my husband, her Stepfather, whom loves and claims her as his own all throughout her pregnancy that she would call the program and here we are, a month away, and it has not happened. I cannot keep rescuing my child, saving her, when I am literally drowning myself. I have finally realized that letting go is what I need to make happen for her to ever take responsibility for her own life. I am helping her sink by not allowing her to swim on her own. This has been the most difficult and heartwrenching decision i have ever had to make, although I truly know in my heart it is the right one. I am letting go and letting God but it will be a struggle, even knowing he will lead her, and having faith in him myself, I am so afraid and constantly battling with my emotions to hold my ground. I need to be showered in prayer right now for I am completely broken. Pray for my child to fight for her life as earnestly as I have been fighting for it the past 3 years. She is so worthy and deserving, I only wish she could see herself through my eyes..Only then would she realize how infinite my love for her truly is. She is kind and giving and an absolute light to be around when she is fighting to break the chains of addiction. She is a warrior! Lead her into this battle and hold me up so I don't surrender to her ongoing hold on my own well being. Thank you..

Received: February 3, 2019

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