Women’s Bible Study


We want to invite you to join us as our Renew Women’s Study starts back-up. We are excited to be studying the book of Joshua. Along, with weekly teachings from Bethany MacIntosh, we will be going through the workbook, “Live Fearlessly” by Lenya Hetzig and Penny Rose.

The study will start on February 1st & 2nd, meeting on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm and Wednesday mornings at 10:00am.

Sign-up here: Registration

Lessons from the Women of Genesis

Genesis Week 10

Genesis Week 9

Genesis Week 8

Genesis Week 7

Genesis Week 6

Genesis Week 5

Genesis Week 4

Genesis Week 3

Genesis Week 2

Genesis Week 1

Colossians Study

Colossians Week 1

Colossians Week 2

Colossians Week 3

Colossians Week 4

Colossians Week 5

Colossians Week 6

Colossians Week 7

Colossians Week 8

Colossians Week 9

Colossians Week 10

The Upper Room Series

The Upper Room Week 9

The Upper Room Week 8

The Upper Room Week 7

The Upper Room Week 6

The Upper Room Week 5

The Upper Room Week 4

The Upper Room Week 3

The Upper Room Week 2

The Upper Room Week 1

Summer @home Haggai Series

Haggai Part 4

Haggai Part 3

Haggai Part 2

Haggai Part 1

Revelation Study

Revelation 1

Revelation 2

Revelation 3

Revelation 4

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